International Seminar of European Small Exclaves

Campione d’Italia, 23rd October 2009

Baarle-Hertog Baarle-Nassau Campione d'Italia Büsingen am Hochrhein Llívia

The Mayors of five small exclaves of Western Europe, Campione d’Italia, Maria Paola Mangili in Piccaluga (IT), Baarle-Hertog, Jan Van Leuven (BE), Baarle-Nassau, J.P.M.M.Hendrikx (NL), Büsingen am Hochrhein, Gunnar Lang (DE), Llívia, Josep Pous i Rodríguez (ES) met in Campione d’Italia on 23rd October 2009 for a First Seminar aiming at a first exchange of views and experiences on their territorial specialities.


The Mayors underlined that their Municipalities represent a good example of concrete cooperation on State borders, focused on citizen needs, that often demand adapted and special solutions. Keeping into account the European dimension of their Municipalities, the Mayors consider that their cooperation can improve the knowledge and the adaptation of the different solutions and good practices to the different territories.


In this sense, they suggest to exchange their information through the new technologies and by regular meetings. As hosting Authority, Campione d’Italia will set up and manage a common platform for exchange of data and practices.


The meetings at the political level will take place in principle every year till 2012, when an evaluation of the activity will be accompanied by a proposal for the further cooperation. The common activities could also take place with the support of European institutions and programmes.


The European small exclaves are also available for exchange and support with their experiences and skills to other cross-border territories, also in connection with European and International Institutions.


Campione d’Italia, 23rd October 2009