How to put forward the European experience of exclaves?

A talk among five territories

Campione d’Italia, 23rd October 2009





9.15 am

Maria Paola Mangili in Piccaluga, Mayor of Campione d’Italia ♦ speech
Sante Frantellizzi, Prefect of Como
Attilio Fontana, President of ANCI for Lombardy, Mayor of Varese
Mauro Guerra, National Coordinator for small Municipalities of ANCI


10.00 am


Massimo Ferracin, Ferracin & Associati Legal Consultants - Lugano
Outline for five European exclaves, with some ideas to put forward

Amb. Valentin Zellweger, Vice Director, Head of the International Law and Treaty Law Division at the Directorate of Public International Law in the Federal Department for Foreign Affairs, Swiss Confederation summary IT

Min. Plen. Roberto Mazzotta, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Italian Republic




First Session
The Exclaves as seen by their Mayors

Gunnar Lang, Bürgermeister, Gemeinde Büsingen am Hochrhein (DE) ppt_presentation 6Mb
Jan Van Leuven, Burgemeester, Gemeente Baarle-Hertog (BE) ppt presentation 10Mb
J.P.M.M.Hendrikx, Burgemeester, Gemeente Baarle-Nassau (NL) ppt presentation 10Mb
Josep Pous i Rodríguez, Alcalde de l’Ajuntament de Llívia (ES)
Maria Paola Mangili in Piccaluga, Sindaco del Comune di Campione d’Italia (IT)


11.30 am
Second Session
How to put forward the European experience of the Exclaves?

Foreword sen. Alessio Butti, and sen. Massimo Garavaglia, Vicepresident of the Budget Committee, Senate of the Republic

Giampiero Gianella, Cancelliere di Stato, Repubblica e Cantone del Ticino Good neighbourhood experiences between Ticino and Campione d’Italia

Miljenko Dorić, Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, President of the sub-Committee for local and regional democracy, Committee for Environment, Agriculture, local and regional Affairs
* Exclaves, cross-border cooperation, and European dimension
Presentation PPTsummary EN

Jean-Claude Eeckhout, Honorary Director General, special Advisor to the Commissioner for Education and Culture, European Commission
* Exclaves and Intercultural Dialogue speech

Dario Ghisletta, Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe, Vice-President of the Grand Council of the Republic and Canton Ticino
* Exclaves and democracy

12.45 am

Prof. Attila Tanzi, Ordinary Professor of International Law, University of Bologna

Moderator: Enrico Martial, President Eurocooperation, Agence de coopération et développement